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IRIDEOS: Avalon Campus gets bigger. Construction of Avalon 3, the new hyper-connected and sustainable Data Center in Milan, is under way.

01 October 2021 - 09:47Press releases
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Avalon 3 will be the third pole of Avalon Campus, the largest interconnection hub in Italy.

Milan, 1 October 2021 – IRIDEOS, the Italian ICT hub dedicated to companies and the Public Administration, announces the construction of the new Avalon 3 Data Center, an extension of Avalon Campus, the largest Italian interconnection hub. The operation will allow IRIDEOS to create a technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable Data Center connected to the Avalon Campus Data Centers in via Caldera. The aim is to provide companies, operators and the Public Administration with a privileged access to the center of the Italian Internet network and to advanced digital services. The project kicks off less than a year after the inauguration of the Avalon 2 Data Center.

Located within the Municipality of Milan, in the area with the highest density of Data Centers and optical fibers, Avalon 3 is just over 4 km away from the Avalon Campus in via Caldera, to which it is connected via a large number of optical fibers on different physical paths. Thanks to the modern interconnection architecture, Customers will be able to cross connect in Avalon 3 with the over 165 Carriers, OTTs, Cloud providers and content delivery platforms already hosted in the other rooms of the Avalon Campus, as if they were in a single extended room.

The new Data Center, which covers a total area of over 3,500 square meters (37,700 square feet), will be available to Customers starting in July 2022. With a capacity of 500 racks and 3.2 MW of power, Avalon 3 will host Customer architectures or even entire Data Centers. Customers will also be able to access public Clouds or build hybrid Cloud architectures to accelerate their digitization processes.

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