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WIS Telecom Announces Strategic Partnership with RETELIT

30 August 2021Press releases
Retelit -

IG-1 Submarine Cable System 400 Gbps Upgrade to offer seamless Low Latency Transport Services Between Western Europe and the Balkan Peninsula

WIS TELECOM, a diverse global telecommunications service provider, and RETELIT, Italian leader in fiber optic infrastructure and digital transformation projects, announced today the execution of an agreement to cooperate in the 400 Gbps technology upgrade of the Italy Greece-1 (IG-1) Submarine Cable System and the creation of a new express (low latency) fiber optic network route between Western Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, which is expected to be ready for service in October 2021.

Under the agreement, WIS will extend a fiber optic backhaul from the Cable Landing Station (CLS) of the IG-1 submarine cable it owns to connect with RETELIT’s optical network at their Bari PoP. Moreover, RETELIT will assist WIS with the technological upgrade of IG-1 with 400 Gbps technology, including its operations and maintenance through a full outsourcing agreement.

Through this new diverse route, WIS and RETELIT will offer low latency (10/100 Gbps) wavelength data transport connections from Milan, Rome, and other major Western European Data Centers to Athens, Albania, Kosovo and other destinations across Balkan Peninsula.

The new upgraded path, as shown between Bari and Aetos in the above graphic, will effectively create an expanded digital highway that bridges Western Europe and the Balkan Peninsula with 400Gb technology, making large volumes of bandwidth available to meet growing demand while also fueling technological innovation in the region.

I am thrilled to be able to announce this strategic partnership with Retelit for the upgrade and relaunch of the IG-1 submarine cable system. We firmly believe that together, with our combined experience, we will meet the post-COVID demand for digital growth in the region and beyond. We are looking forward to working together with Federico and his team as well as helping our prospective customers to unlock and drive more value in this segment.” – Adrian SHATKU, CEO of WIS.

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our international optical network reach thanks to the agreement with WIS, which exploits our partner’s existing subsea infrastructure and Retelit’s expertise, thus enabling a low latency new route to the Balkans. As per our strategy, we are constantly innovating our global reach leveraging on our own existing assets and on international partnerships." – Federico Protto, CEO of Retelit. "With this new route, Retelit and WIS meet booming customer demand on the Western European and Balkans corridors linking the whole Mediterranean.

This strategic arrangement with Retelit finally gives us the chance to unlock tremendous value from our geographically well-positioned IG-1 submarine fiber cable that has been relatively unknown and underutilized for far too long.” – Brian CRAWFORD, VP of Technology & Business Development at WIS. “We firmly believe that our historically reliable IG-1 fiber route will provide customers with a matchless and nearly immediate opportunity to improve their own network services, allowing them to further drive technological innovation by leveraging our low-latency fiber route, state-of-the-art 400Gb transmission technology, and Retelit’s network reach and proven operational expertise.

"Thanks to this project Retelit adds a diverse route, through the strategic Bari East Mediterranean gateway, to the Global Internet ecosystem". – Giuseppe Sini, Head of Retelit International Business Unit. "Our international customers, including Hyperscalers and Global Telco, can now connect from major hubs in Western Europe to the Balkans with improved performance and latency. The agreement with WIS confirms Bari as a key location in the Mediterranean area and consolidates our position as the ideal landing partner for submarine cable projects in the center of the Med.

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