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Retelit is the Italian infrastructure partner for the IEX (India Europe Xpress) submarine cable connecting Europe to India

29 November 2023Press releases
Retelit -

Retelit has been chosen as their expert Italian partner by the IEX system owners. The Group continues to invest in Liguria as an international "landing platform”, following the construction of the fronthaul for the 2Africa subsea cable (the longest in the world) in Genoa

Retelit Group, Italy's leading TLC operator entirely focused on the B2B market, has been involved in the Italian landfall of the IEX submarine cable in Bergeggi (Savona) - completed on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 - as the Italian partner chosen by the consortium.

Retelit has collaborated to bring a new and diverse international route to the Mediterranean, strengthening Liguria's strategic role as a major international interconnection node.

IEX (India-Europe-Xpress) offers next-generation resilient connectivity and interconnections from India westward to Europe: the IEX system begins in Mumbai, transiting the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, and now arriving in Savona. It is part of a global project that also includes the India-Asia-Xpress (IAX) system, which seamlessly connects with IEX, extending IAX eastwards to Singapore.

Retelit is the system partner for the entire nationwide project management. Retelit’s expertise and experience in submarine and terrestrial cable infrastructure in Italy, ensured the Group was chosen to build and operate all components of the system: all cable landing facilities including diverse fronthaul and backhaul connections with Milan. Retelit will retain the role of Landing Partner for Italy for the life of the cable system, being at least 20 years.

IEX's landing in Savona is part of Retelit's "Liguria Landing Platform" project, through which the Group - in recent years - has made substantial investments to upgrade the infrastructure, connecting Genoa and Savona to Milan: after the 2Africa project - to date, the longest existing submarine cable - for which the Group has built the redundant fronthaul in Genoa, Retelit has built a high-capacity link connecting Genoa with Milan, Marseille and Barcelona. The ambitious IEX project confirms Retelit as a preferred infrastructure partner of domestic, international and OTT operators.

Diego Teot, Head of Wholesale of the Retelit Group, commented, "Once again Retelit has been chosen by a consortium of international operators for its specific expertise in submarine cable landing. Our redundant backhaul solution for the IEX is based on cutting-edge technology that allows the power and resilience of the cables that land in Savona to be extended as far as Milan; we are happy to have been selected for such a large project, which can bring a new and diversified international route to the Mediterranean, enhancing Liguria's role as an interconnection and access node to the FLAMP area (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris), responding to the growing demand for high-quality bandwidth."

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