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RETN expands Milan-Marseille network connectivity in partnership with Retelit

17 October 2023Press releases
Retelit -

With Retelit's spectrum-based transport solution, RETN will offer Italian customers improved connectivity to the rest of Europe

Reaching four Continents, having an extensive network in the Mediterranean area, Italy and Europe, and established expertise in managing submarine cable landing solutions, Retelit is the ideal provider for international operators and hyperscalers for the roll-out of telco projects that require a robust, resilient owned infrastructure with broad domestic and international coverage.

RETN has chosen Retelit Group's "Spectrum Sharing" solution, a service designed to provide significant and scalable transmission capacity through Retelit’s physical network infrastructure. Retelit's Spectrum Sharing offers a middle-ground solution between inflexible traditional transport options and costlier, more complex dark fiber alternatives.

With the partnership, RETN expands its global network from Milan to Marseille on a route that is particularly attractive for international service providers and submarine cable traffic.

The Spectrum technical solution proposed by Retelit, which involves virtualisation of the optical layer and its decoupling from the electrical traffic layer, is designed for operators who need to have major capacity cuts and to maintain full control and monitoring of their infrastructural asset, while fully guaranteeing operability.

"We have built and customised on the needs of RETN, among the leading network providers in Europe, a transport solution that ensures quality and scalability. The agreement once again demonstrates Retelit's international positioning, which is chosen by global operators for the quality of its solutions and the very high level of customisation of its telco services. With the technological aspects of our service, RETN will enjoy significant benefits for its future capacity upgrades. In fact, our scalable and flexible solution will evolve with our client's needs and requirements, offering them a simpler operating model capable of supporting expansion and growth activities” - stated Diego Teot, Head of Retelit’s Wholesale.

Milko Ilari, Managing Director of RETN Italy and Head of Southern Europe Region at RETN, advised:“Milan-Marseille is one of Italy’s most important routes and over the past three years we have seen a massive increase in demand from our customers due to growing traffic on the network. With Retelit we are leading the way for stronger and more reliable network connectivity in Northern Italy and beyond”.

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