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Retelit: Mimmo Zappi is the new Chief Commercial Officer

05 February 2024Press releases
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The new manager, with 20 years' experience in the telco and ICT sectors, is given responsibility for all Group market segments, including marketing and communications

The Retelit Group, Italy's leading TLC operator entirely focused on the B2B market, has appointed Mimmo Zappi as its new Chief Commercial Officer. The manager will be responsible for all business divisions, as well as Marketing.

In his more than twenty-six years of experience, Mimmo Zappi has delivered major financial, business and corporate sustainability results by focusing on values that put people at the centre, a top-tier Customer Experience, a corporate culture based on integrity, collaboration and a diverse and inclusive work environment.

"I am delighted to award this crucial role to Mimmo Zappi, a manager of great ability and experience, including at an international level, who has an in-depth knowledge of the sector in which we operate, the transformations it has undergone in recent years and the challenges we face every day. I am convinced that, thanks to his leadership, expertise and focus on the customer and people, we will be able to enhance even more our ability to implement innovative and transformational projects for businesses, the public sector, operators and OTTs, in an increasingly complex and evolving environment by always putting the customer and our people at the centre" added Jorge Álvarez, CEO of the Retelit Group.

Mimmo Zappi's appointment is part of the Italian market consolidation undertaken by the Retelit Group, which is being developed through constant growth and investment in technology platforms, skills and infrastructure. In recent years, in fact, with the aim of providing the entire ICT services value chain with comprehensive solutions and proprietary infrastructure, the Retelit Group has strengthened further also thanks to acquisitions, as highlighted by the most recent - BT Enìa (one of the main ICT operators in Emilia-Romagna) - an acquisition that has further strengthened the Group's fiber network and Data Center network, in addition to its territorial presence.

"I am honoured to join the Retelit Group and excited to take on such a strategic role in the further development of a player who in its 25-year history has made expertise, solidity, customer focus and continuous growth its pillars. I will put my experience at the service of the teams I will be working with, to contribute to the Group's development and innovative capacity, leveraging the significant professional skills available in the Group, the exceptional infrastructural assets we own, listening to Customers' needs, and speed of execution in responding to the innovative challenges presented by the market. We will strive to offer our Customers the best Customer Experience in the industry, flexible, reliable and secure solutions to support them in their digital transformation and focus on sustainability, in the interest of their business, local communities and the entire planet" stated Mimmo Zappi, the Retelit Group's new CCO.

Born in Rome, with a Degree in Political Science, Mimmo Zappi comes from Colt Technology Services, a British multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London. Since 2001, he has covered several B2B segment positions in Italy and overseas, on the various sales channels and within multiple sectors (Retail, Finance, Insurance, Government, Media, Technology, Automotive, Pharma, major retail), becoming in 2021 Vice President Sales for the Enterprise market worldwide. He has also served as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Colt Technology Services S.p.A. and has held managerial positions such as VP Strategy and Professional Services, VP Sales Media & Broadcasting. Prior to Colt, he worked at Telecom Italia, STET and the “Consiglio Nazionale dell’Economia e del Lavoro” (National Economic and Labour Council) in Sales and IT, always with a focus on the B2B telco market. He was a member of the General Council of Asstel between 2014 and 2020 and a Director of the Namex Consortium between 2016 and 2019. He lives in Rome, grew up in Trieste, is passionate about soccer, has climbed some of Italy's highest mountains, loves to travel and is active in the world of volunteering.

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