Press releases / Price sensitive13 February 2018 - 17:41

Resignation of a member of the board of directors

The Director Stefano Borghi yesterday evening resigned from the Board of Directors of Retelit S.p.A. (MTA: LIT.MI and below “Retelit” or the “Company”) with immediate effect (from 12th of February 2018), for reasons, on the one hand, related to the current period of intensive
work undertaken by Retelit’s Board and on the other, the greater professional workload taken on by Mr. Borghi, who therefore considers that he may no longer dedicate the diligence required to properly execute his role with Retelit.
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Press releases / Price sensitive24 January 2018 - 11:20

Termination of the Shareholders' agreement related to Retelit S.p.A. for expiry of the term

With effect from December 10, 2017, the shareholders’ agreement related to Retelit S.p.A. (the “Company”), pursuant to art. 122, paragraph 5, letters a), b), and c) of Legislative Decree 58/1998, as amended by the addendum executed on December 22, 2014 (the “Shareholders’ Agreement”), was terminated, for expiration of the three-year term. Read more
Press releases09 October 2017

Retelit takes part in the STAR Conference in London

Retelit S.p.A. (MTALIT.MI) will today participate at the STAR Conference held at the London Stock Exchange in London. Organized by Borsa Italiana, the STAR Conference is dedicated to STAR segment listed companies, international investors and the wider financial community. Participating STAR companies have the opportunity to outline their growth plans through one-to-one and group meetings. Read more